Young Lin Carter

Lin Carter's Early Life


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Lin Carter Cartoon

Lin Carter Cartoon Closeup

A Lin Carter cartoon from between 1948 and 1952, by my best guess. I think, based on the subject, it could have been from his Korean Conflict period.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lin Carter Postcard: Drafted!

Howdy podner: Feb FA {February 1951 Vol. 4 #6 Fantasy Advertiser} came, and pretty good it is, even without any of my articles or pix (this is a subtle hint). Coblentz had a middlin' interesting article: he should have given examples. I rather liked Clarke's long, rambling essay. - - cover this issue not-so-hot. This is Roy Hunt? Ghaa. Nothing to it, nothing new, fresh, original, just a f*cking comet moving by something-or-other. Let's see Grossman or somebody. Neil Austin. --Aristrom's pic on pg. 8 veddy {sic} good. -- Are you sure that double-spread out on pgs 17-18 isn't a set for Destination You-kno-What? Looks muchly like it, but according to what I understand, it's something from Galactic Pat. -- NEWS ITEM: I is jest been drafted. Report for physical Feb. 9th. Louses up my plans for my fanzine, but hope to have my first privately-pubbed collection of poems out before I go. will have an advert for you soon. How much is a full-pager, six$? Nice ish {issue}.Lin Carter.

1950 Lin Carter Art

Auctioned and sold for $76.00. Description: This piece honors the fantasies of Dunsany and the old school, the Edgar Rice Burroughs heroes, and the newly emerging voices of Science Fiction. This artwork was published in the semi-pro-zine "The Fantasy Advertiser" edited by Roy A. Squires.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

First Post

Through a series of events, I crossed paths on ebay of a cache of Linwood Carter's early items. These items date from his high school years (probably 9th grade) anward to his years in Korea and early fanzine years (about 1954).

I was only able to obtain minimal information, but it seems a "flea market" or estate styled trader obtained these items and put them up on ebay.

An enormous number of images were posted over several months, and sold off one at a time.

I obtained a very few precious items. The rest were stored electronically.