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Monday, July 6, 2009

Lin Carter Postcard: Drafted!

Howdy podner: Feb FA {February 1951 Vol. 4 #6 Fantasy Advertiser} came, and pretty good it is, even without any of my articles or pix (this is a subtle hint). Coblentz had a middlin' interesting article: he should have given examples. I rather liked Clarke's long, rambling essay. - - cover this issue not-so-hot. This is Roy Hunt? Ghaa. Nothing to it, nothing new, fresh, original, just a f*cking comet moving by something-or-other. Let's see Grossman or somebody. Neil Austin. --Aristrom's pic on pg. 8 veddy {sic} good. -- Are you sure that double-spread out on pgs 17-18 isn't a set for Destination You-kno-What? Looks muchly like it, but according to what I understand, it's something from Galactic Pat. -- NEWS ITEM: I is jest been drafted. Report for physical Feb. 9th. Louses up my plans for my fanzine, but hope to have my first privately-pubbed collection of poems out before I go. will have an advert for you soon. How much is a full-pager, six$? Nice ish {issue}.Lin Carter.

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