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Friday, August 7, 2009


Chrispy is continuing work on "Young Lin Carter:, a narrative of his youthful life. Believe me, it's the devil to find information about his teenage years and into his twenties. Making progress, however, and I think I even have a publisher - maybe.

More images later.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Corporal Lin Carter (1953) to Startling Stories

Got this the other day, and found a letter from Carter. Startling Stories, March 1953. {} are my additions.


PLEA FOR SS {Startling Stories}
by Corporal Lin Carter U553081066

Dear Sam {Samuel MInes}:

It’s been quite a while since I wrote to SS, but a lot has happened in the meanwhile. Happened to run across a copy of the issue with BIG PLANET in it a while back, and it felt so good to read SS after so long that I just had to sit down and write you a letter.

Here in Korea your magazine is next to impossible to come by, a rarity equaled only by the Necronomicon. I haven’t seen an issue in all the ten months I’ve been over here. Notice you’ve changed the format considerably, and I applaud the new cover setup. Very attractive, even if I don’t like the artist.

Vance’s novel was even more of a Technicolor travelogue than most of his, but it just so happens I like travelogues, so it was okay. The entire novel was smooth, well-written and cleverly plotted, and I thought all those weird and wonderful cities, kingdoms, et al were simply fascinating. Only thing that really turned my stomach was the fake happy ending, where our noble hero clasps the gal in his arms, prostitute, traitoress and spy though she was. That I couldn’t take. We guys can take a lot from the ladies, but not treachery like that.

Perhaps it was because of my long abstinence from SS, but all the other stories I read with wild enthusiasm had a high degree of pleasure The letter column was enjoyable as of old, although I recognize only a few names therein. Hello, Astra, long time no see. Hi, Gibson! Coming in on the middle of them, these current feuds and discussions made little or no sense to me.

I’ll be rotating back to the States in a month or so, and believe me, one of the things I shall enjoy most is getting re-acquainted with STARTLING and TWS {Thrilling Wonder Stories} again. That Hamilton novel slated for next issue looks wonderful.
And before I sign off here, let me register a heartfelt plea to you folks. Not for me, because I am rotating soon, but for the other guys you people know are here in Korea. Over here it is very, very hard to get science-fiction magazines. I know of lots of boys around here that read SF back Stateside, and miss it very much now that they are eight thousand miles away. They couldn’t ask for a more welcome pre-Christmas present than for some of you to wrap up a couple of your old mags and send them over. How about it, good people? It wouldn’t take more than a couple minutes of your time, and a few cents postage. How about sending a few mags to the guys you know in Korea?—Hq & Hq Company, 32d Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, APO 7, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, California.

{Editor} Here and there in these letter columns have been printed remarks from fans who are suffering from an over-supply of magazines and an under-supply of space. Corporal Carter’s situation provides a perfect answer if you’ve got the postage. Ship him some magazines, won’t you?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unknown date, original Illustration

Recently seen via a google search. An undated original illustration by Lin Carter.

Sandalwood and Jade (1951)

Recently seen via a google search: Original paste up for cover of Lin Carter's first self published book. Circa 1951.